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Our World

Mission: Guatemala

This single ministry has done more to unite our people into a single mission than any other ministry of Calvary. Not only has this brought our church together, it has also allowed us to join with other local churches in fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples in all the world.

The mission started with a plan to build a feeding center and church in a city called El Arado in the country of Guatemala. The organization through which we have successfully built the feeding center and church is called Manna Worldwide. We have now established a pastor in the city, launched the feeding center and church, and are now financially supporting the ministry. We are now beginning to support church-planting work in other locations in Guatemala.

There are several ways to serve in this mission. First, regular, monthly financial giving is essential. You can give online, or in the weekly offering during our services.

Secondly, Manna provides shoes that we may buy at $7 a pair. These shoes are then sent to El Arado with our mission teams. In 2015 alone, we sent well over 1,000 pairs.

Lastly, our twice-a-year mission trips make it possible for over 40 people to go to El Arado in a year. Every member who’s been on this trip has a testimony of a life-changing experience to share when they get home.

Missionaries Around The World

In addition to our partnership with Manna Worldwide in El Arado, we also support many missionaries throughout the world:

US Ministries

Tommy & Linda Raley, Mission Director

David & Betty Schembera, Assistant Mission Director

Wendell & Daisey Hiers, Home Missions Director

Marjorie Moffitt (Retired) Home Missions

Charles & Juanita Bowen, U.S. Hispanic Ministry

Gary & Sandy Janky USA Hispanic Ministry

Lonnie & Jo Ann King, Hispanic Ministry (USA)

Mike & Christie Starling, USA Hispanic Ministry

Leon & Donna Thomas, Hispanic Ministry of Northern Florida

Bonnie Winters, Native Americans, New Mexico/Arizona

Charline Johnson, North American Indians

Bradley & Ronda Hastings, Native Americans

Arza & Ruth Brown, Hawaii

Chuck Ward, Manna Ministries

Philip & Deborah Harris, Destiny Changers

Donald Hulstrom, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jim & Dot Foster, Helping Hands Ministry

Greg & Robin Rife, Restore Ministries International


Kenneth & Cynthia Chapman

Robert & Jennifer Dawson

Dale & Janet Brown, New Zealand


John & Neila Yelle

Lanny & Judy Wood

Frank & Darla Brim

Elaine Hawkins

John & Rebecca Hawkins

Timothy & Betty Hawkins

Bill & Mary Horton

John & Isabel Horton

Kyron & Antonia Horton

Jerry & Atalias Lantz

Mark & Dana McCutchen

Alton & Helen Smith


Dick & Tonya Burdine


Billy & Linda Carruth

David & Debra Smith


Larry & Barbara Koehn

Jo Weaver

Dominican Republic

John & Lynn Cunningham

Matthew & Flor Patton

Eastern Europe/Eurasia

Shawn & Amy Sullivan, Manna Ministries


Ernie & Monoka Brown

Stephen & Charlotte Byrd

Grace Hendrick (Retired)

Mel & Charlene Neill


Terry & Tami Morse


Jack & Ute Hardy


Wanda Whaley (Retired)

Eric & Lynn Bass


Jacques & Marie Alexandre


Phil & Mary Gagnon

Mike & Debbie Lane


John & Marjorie Malanowski

David & Carole Ross

Karen Werth


Joshua Hochstetler


Andy & Linda Briggs


Gary & Monica Bacon

Jerry & Bonnie Bitner

Betty Alice Hall

Norman & Gloria Higgins

Wendell & Cindy Johnson

Don & Mary Rowland (Retired)

Gayle Sparks, Mexico

Marty & Jessie Starling

Barbara Wimm (Retired)

John & Kristina Hymen


David & Dottie McClure

Terry & Gloria McClure, The Republic of Palau


Alan & Kathy Hart


Dawne Hart

South Pacific Rim

Stella Mayo Retired


David & Florence McDonald

Bill & Dena Rose


Thomas & Kannika Tucker


Meisha Deane


Tom & Patti Wheeler

Daniel & Allison Walker

*Restricted Countries - Some names may have been changed to protect missionaries in particularly hostile areas.

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