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Life Groups

Life Groups are all about establishing and cultivating deep, meaningful relationships with other believers. In other words, this is where we Share Life.

We believe these types of relationships are necessary for our growth and sanctification.  The New Testament is rife with verses that teach us to love one another, bear one another's burdens, serve one another, encourage one another, submit to one another, be examples to one another, and so on.  It is our belief that you simply cannot live out these biblical commands if you are not involved in deep, meaningful relationships with other Christian men and women.  

In our Life Group ministry, we hope to develop a church culture that understands and practices the value of biblical community.  Our hope is that through this ministry our members will grow deeper in their faith as they study and discuss the word of God together and learn to apply the Word in a group setting full of encouragement and accountability.  Life Groups meet in homes on various nights in various parts of Grand Prairie and the surrounding areas to accomplish these purposes.  A typical group meeting is divided into three 30 minute blocks.  The first half-hour the group takes time to converse and share stories over a meal.  The second half-hour the group joins together for Bible study.  The last half-hour the group divides into smaller groups to share needs and pray for one another.  God has used this simple format to make a profound impact on the lives of our members.

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This last year has been a "journey of faith" for me and my family.  I can honestly say, without a doubt, that God has placed us in this group of wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ to help us in our journey.  It has been a blessing to have a group of ladies to share my burdens with and know they are praying for me.  It has been equally rewarding to be able to share in other's burdens and pray with them.  Life groups has been a true blessing in my life. - Michelle Cash

I had the greatest people hear me out when I needed prayer or advice.  I know I have a long way to go to be where I need to be, but with my life group I am working on it. - Elizabeth Soto

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