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H2O- Hope To Others

Poverty rates in rural Guatemala (living on $1 a day or less) often exceed 70% of the population. The life of a family in Guatemala is hard, to say the least. It is unsanitary. Children are malnourished. Calvary Baptist Church  has teamed up with Manna Worldwide ( to make a difference, and you have the chance join us! By physically helping these families we have the chance to spiritually minister to them, just as Jesus did. There are TWO ways we’re going to make ONE huge impact. While they seem simple to us, they make a world of a difference for the impoverished Guatemalans.

Bundles for Babies- The Manna sponsored prenatal clinic in the village of El Arado has dropped the infant mortality rate in their village drastically. In addition to providing consistent medical help to the moms of El Arado, they also distribute bundles of necessities to pregnant mothers every month. Each bundle consists of baby clothes, blankets, clean cloths, and prenatal vitamins. You have the opportunity to partner with us in bringing hope to these desperate mothers by providing new and gently used clothes, blankets, and cloths. You can also give a financial gift.


Water Filters- Perhaps the biggest danger posed to a Guatemalan family is the lack of clean drinking water. Every day the average family drinks water that is loaded with amoebas, bacteria, and microorganisms that can cause great harm. A single water filter provided to a family can truly change a life. One filter costs $60 and can last a family up to 10 years. Your financial gift will allow us to purchase filters and bring hope to the families of Guatemala. You can give online here, or send a check to Calvary.


On August 6-11, 2018 the Student Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, in partnership with Manna Worldwide, is flying in to Guatemala to visit the orphanages, feeding centers, churches, and clinics that are sharing hope. We have the chance to personally hand deliver these life-changing gifts to the families we visit. Will you consider financially partnering with us to bring hope to others? Your donation will make a difference.

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