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Gospel Class

We’ve made it simple for you! The Gospel Class is a five-part class that meets in an area home with Pastor Brian to explore the depths of the Gospel.

What, exactly, is the Gospel?  What is its purpose?  How does the Gospel affect my daily activities?  How do I enjoy the Gospel in its fullness?  These questions, and others, are thoughtfully addressed in a casual setting that allows you the opportunity to learn at your own speed, ask questions, seek clarification, and find encouragement.  Our hope is that everyone who completes the Gospel Class will have developed a strong desire to live for the glory of God, a healthy theological framework to build on, and a working knowledge of the means of grace that Jesus has made available to us so that we may grow and become more like Him.

The Gospel Class is a prerequisite for membership at Calvary Baptist Church. See below for a simple outline of the content covered in the class.

Session #1: SEEING GOD: The Theology of Redemption

In this study, we explore man’s highest end: the Glory of God. We discuss the fall, the Gospel of Christ, and how salvation can be received through repentance and faith.

Session #2: SEEING GOD PT. 2: The Theology of Truth

In this study, we discuss God’s infallible revelation: the Bible. We learn how to read the Word, understand what you read, and allow the Truth to begin setting you free from enslaving appetites.

Session #3: SHARING LIFE: The Theology of Community

In this study, we discuss the Christian’s undeniable need to intimately fellowship and “do life” with other Christians. We also discuss our mechanisms for fostering such community at CBC.

Session #4 & #5: SERVING OTHERS: The Theology of Action

In this study, we discuss the fact that the Bible was never intended merely for information; it was intended to be acted upon. We discuss some of the most critical ACTIONS of the Christian life including baptism, church membership, tithing, and witnessing.

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